19 April 2010

Too much to do, Not enough time

I confess, and apologize... to my all-to-frequent lag with our blogs. BUT, I promise, we have a good excuse... we have been busy! Busy redesigning the primary and experimental gardens, busy adding viognier to the vineyard, busy weeding/mowing/planning, busy planting, busy growing Terra Del Sol; just plain busy!!! We often complain that we work "harder" in our "free" time than on our careers, but our passion to care for our family (kids and animals) has led us to this unexpected path; we never would have thought of ourselves as farmers and environmentalists, but yet, we love this lifestyle. The more we learn, the more we dream.

I can only imagine the comments my mother must think after the many years of whining and complaining about weeding, yardwork, and caring for animals. This is our first year, of officially being/living Terra Del Sol; yet, we wouldn't trade it for the world (maybe... only for more land)! Mom, I know I swore I would never garden, but look at us now! Who would have thought that a country girl- wanna be city girl- would return to her roots? Who would have thought that a suburban boy would ever manage a farm? Shhh... don't tell mom!

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